Review: EzCab App, Malaysia

Visiting Malaysia and looking for a taxi to take you to your next bowl of noodles, hotel or tourist site? Not quite sure how much to pay, nervous about language barriers or simply wanting to escape the hassle of hailing a cab? If you have a mobile phone and data connection, then why not try the EzCab App.

“How about the Cheong Fat Tze Mansion” I suggested as our friend proceeded to tap in the destination into his phone.

“It should cost us about 16RM”, he replied as he watched the mobile screen intently. “Locating taxis..” he continued to read. “Bidding…contacting….taxi selected…due to arrive in 2 minutes…1…it’s here, quick we had better head downstairs or we will miss it!!” he exclaimed whilst waiting impatiently for the usually fast lift to arrive at our floor.

We were making use of the free wifi available at our hotel in Penang and thought we’d test out the new app. We hadn’t expected it to work so well, nor quite so quickly and we were now in a bit of a panic to make it downstairs in time, lest we be blacklisted by the app as taxi pranksters.

With the ping of the lift at our floor, we scooted inside and down to the lobby, where our taxi driver was already patiently waiting. He confirmed the number of his taxi with the number we had been provided in the App and we piled into the car and off to the Mansion as requested.

EzcabsThe EzCab App is quick and very simple to use. Providing you with an estimated cost of  the travel (that was accurate every time we used it) and a real time taxi arrival time, it helps to take away the anxieties of ordering a taxi in a foreign country. Free to download from the app store, the App does require WiFi or some form of internet connection.

The EzCab App is currently available in KL, Klang and Penang.

Have you had any experience using this App, or have you tried something similar?


2 thoughts on “Review: EzCab App, Malaysia

    1. Hi Les,
      I haven’t actually tried Uber before, but would be interested to find out how they compare if anyone has tried them both.

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