It’s 5am, dark and my feet are slipping on the icy boulders. With the light waning on my poorly powered headlight I am struggling to make out the path ahead and desperate to reach the lookout before the stars disappear and the sun creeps up behind the Torres. I have trekked four days for this photograph and to miss it now, on a perfectly clear morning, would be unforgivable.

“C’mon”, my husband calls out from above, “the sun waits for no one”.

In the heat of the moment, his words were piercing in the cold morning air. Didn’t he know how hard I was already trying? Did he really think I needed any further motivation? However, when we finally reached the lookout well in time to see the sun cast brilliant soft hues of red, oranges and finally yellow over the towers that morning, I began to see the greater meaning of his words, and they later became the perfect motto for the rest of our trip. Now back home, even amongst the routine of everyday life, they still ring true.

The sun rises and sets whether we like it or not and whilst we can’t control the sun, we can control how we choose to race against it. This doesn’t mean we all need to quit our jobs, pack our bags and check out of our everyday life. There are things to do and places to explore all around us, whether we are single, married, with kids or without. Hopefully this blog provides some form of inspiration, or at least entertainment, for all those wishing to keep pushing ahead. After all, it might be 5am, the path might be dark but life is short and ‘the sun waits for no one.’