Singapore Sling

I close my eyes and breathe in the thick, sweet air. It sticks to me like syrup and weighs heavily on my skin. A truck blares its horn and as I turn my head to have a look, I step over the open drain and a pungent sour odour creeps it way up my nostrils. Sweet and sour.  The comparison comes way too easily. We have been in Singapore a few days now and while the smells and heat remind me that I’m in south east Asia, the distinct lack of chaos is reminiscent of somewhere else entirely. Continue reading “Singapore Sling”


Kings Canyon: Way Out Back

“That will be $16.50”, the cashier smiled at the German family in front of me. Looking on, I tallied up the items that were sitting on the counter; a packet of spaghetti, a pasta sauce and a tin of tomatoes, normally a cheap meal by any one’s standards, but $16.50? Perhaps I had missed something; maybe they had slipped in a block of chocolate, a packet of meat or a bottle of soft drink without me noticing. I couldn’t really be sure. Continue reading “Kings Canyon: Way Out Back”

The Yellow-Eye of the Penguin

I was perched down low, my body buffered by the wind when I first saw its black and white body roll in with the waves. It danced in the wash as it reached the sand, before looking around cautiously then chasseing through the seaweed and over the rocks away from me. I sat still with my camera, clicking furiously as it navigated the puddles to complete its evening repertoire. Over by my right shoulder, my husband caught sight of further members of the dance troupe, and shifted silently to get a better angle. Hidden from view, we both sat transfixed as we snapped at their tiny faces, eager to capture the brilliant yellow of their eyes. As the sun dulled in the sky, they waddled towards the bushes, unaware of their audience, the yellow strip around their eye now glowing in the dusk. Continue reading “The Yellow-Eye of the Penguin”